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United Way of Puerto Rico is a private organization, nonprofit, that for 50 years has been dedicated to promote the common good, creating opportunities for a better quality of life for all, by working as a team with volunteers, social investors, charities and collaborators from different sectors. Our focus is the education, financially stability and the health as pillars to reach a good quality of life. Currently, we support economically about 100 nonprofit organizations participants and partner organizations that offer direct services to our people: children, youth, adults and senior citizens. In addition, we have community impact programs and initiatives such as: 2-1-1 of Puerto Rico (now also online, the Volunteer Center that integrates Seeding the Future for the development of a new generation, which provides the basis for fostering the development and continuous learning of early childhood in Puerto Rico.

Leaders of social change, integrating the community in achieving common well-being, by creating opportunities for a better life for all.

We seek to promote a social movement and, in this way, mobilize thousands of people to action by contributing, volunteering and supporting a cause to improve the conditions of the entire community; involve and connect all sectors of society: individuals, private companies, nonprofit organizations and government to create lasting social change that produces healthy, well-educated and financially stable people and families; and demonstrate our leadership and responsibility through a firm commitment to improve education, financial stability and health for the common welfare.

United in a community where all individuals and families reach their full potential through education, health and financial stability.

We aim for the community to work together to ensure that children develop their full potential in healthy and safe environments that make them responsible members of the community; that families and people are financially stable and meet their basic needs with hope and confidence in their future; that citizens have the resources, knowledge and support necessary to effectively meet their physical and mental needs; and that the communities be part of a common agenda in which the essential goals for human development are established and achieved.

VIVE UNIDO o LIVE UNITED® is about promoting common welfare. The role of United Way Puerto Rico evolved to a new phase that promotes the reach of a bigger community impact and our call is the action: Aporta. Sé voluntario. Apoya una causa. LIVE UNITED

In United Way of Puerto Rico, we believe firmly to reach fully life, every human deserves a quality education to take them to a stable employment with sufficient income to support to their families until retirement and enjoy a good health. Looking to the future, it’s necessary to begin mobilize all the sectors of our communities and focus in our opportunities of a better life of everyone.

Live United remind us to think beyond our individual interests, we become leaders of social change. And recognize when we influence our wellness in a person, we are influencing the greater good all the society.

The money collected, the most part, comes from the donations from employees through the payroll volunteer discount. Other sources of income are from corporate donations, personal input, the Circle of Honor, the Alexis Tocqueville Society, the Combined Federal Campaign, Campaign Beneficial of Public Employees and special events.

Annually, the money raised is distributed by a committee of volunteers in an evaluative and fair form, taking into consideration the necessities in the communities. United Way of Puerto Rico train those volunteers in the process of evaluation of nonprofit organizations and divide it into groups identificated as panels. The panels of Inversion Community divides by geographic region when it concludes the process of evaluation, presented to Board of Governors and their recommendations on how to distribute the money between the solicited organizations.

Annually, we offer more than a million of services to people and families in situations great need thanks to the 100 affiliated nonprofit organizations and the work that is done at United Way Puerto Rico through the initiatives like 2-1-1 of Puerto Rico, Department of Transformational Volunteering and Seeding the Future.

The affiliated organizations to United Way of Puerto Rico offer services to the families; home for the children; shelters; special education and supplementary services; recreation programs and character formation; physical and mental health services; rehabilitation programs of drug and alcohol; basic needs of individual; homes and day care centers for the elderly; guidance and counseling services; covering a wide range of social and health services.

If the company wants to participate in the campaign of United Way of Puerto Rico, you can request the contribution slit in the department of Human Recourses. If you prefer contributions by credit card, you can access the CONTRIBUTE button that appears on the main page of this website to make your donation.

Another option is to send your contribution by mail directly to United Way of Puerto Rico or authorize direct debit of your bank account. Interested people in the alternative you can call to our department of Finances to 787-728-8500 ext. 222.

The hand symbolizes the support of United Way of Puerto Rico that brings services and programs that help our communities in need. The image in the center symbolizes the humanity, which is protected by the hand. And the rainbow represents the hope for better tomorrow.

This logo is a registered trademark of United Way of America( for the use of United Way Puerto Rico and their participant’s agencies. Other companies, individuals or organizations may not use the logo without prior authorization from the Department of Communications and Marketing of United Way of Puerto Rico.

United Way of Puerto Rico is located in the intersection of Calle Los Ángeles (final) con la Esquina Boulevard, en la Parada 26 ½ de Santurce. The building is located in the YMCA of San Juan properties, next to the basketball court. Another reference is the parking lot of the Tren Urbano Station Sagrado Corazón.

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