United Way of Puerto Rico impact our communities in many ways.

Among them there are community initiatives that participate and intervene directly with the affiliated organizations and the people and families that receive their help.

child tax credit

Child Tax Credit

BENEFICIO ECONÓMICO PARA TU FAMILIA. PADRE, MADRE O ENCARGADO: SI TIENES UN MENOR DEPENDIENTE DE 17 AÑOS O MENOS, ¡ESTE CRÉDITO ES PARA TI! Completa la forma 1040-PR y podrás recibir hasta $3,600 por cada menor elegible de 0 a 5 años. $3,000 por cada menor elegible de 6 a 17 años […]

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2-1-1 Puerto Rico

The 2-1-1 of Puerto Rico or Center of Information and Referrals to United Way Puerto Rico is a tool that supports the communities. Dial to 2-1-1, you can obtain information about our 4,000 private institutions and governmental with resources who attends problems who need necessity of medical equipment, alcoholism […]

United Way Comunitarias


BienEstar is a program to prevent the pediatric obesity through good nutrition and physical activity in pre-school development centers. Through activities of the program, the teachers and their families encourage the boys and girls to have physical activity daily and a balanced diet containing the necessary […]


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Seeding the Future

Seeding the Future Through this initiative, United Way of Puerto Rico promotes alliances, strategies and projectors directed to promote the collective impact in the community that needs a care environment and support for the young ones in the ages of 0 to 6 years. The model of prevention has as main purpose to create […]

Give a Day

Give a Day is oriented to promote the volunteers to develop social consciousness of the necessity in our communities. This volunteer event offers the opportunity for our investors to get to know the affiliated nonprofit organizations of United Way Puerto Rico and to share with the participants who benefit of the contribution. […]

Women United

Women United is composed by women of diverse sectors with different professions to collaborate in positive transformation in the puertorican society. With this movement, United Way of Puerto Rico recognizes the female role in the community impact agenda in the organization and the efforts of fundraising, education […]

Unidos por el Bosque

¡Continuemos con su restauración! Las familias puertorriqueñas ya pueden volver a disfrutar y compartir de nuevas áreas educativas y recreativas en el Bosque Estatal de San Patricio. United way de Puerto Rico, bajo un Acuerdo de Entendimiento con el Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales, y con un contrato […]


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