Women United

Women United is composed by women of diverse sectors with different professions to collaborate in positive transformation in the puertorican society.

With this movement, United Way of Puerto Rico recognizes the female role in the community impact agenda in the organization and the efforts of fundraising, education and prevention.

Their mission is to inspire, educate and involve the women of Puerto Rico towards a culture of community service and philanthropy so that together they promote a leadership of social change in the achievement of common welfare. Their focus area is to promote the empowerment and leadership in the females between the ages of 12 to 18 years, with the objective to continue receiving educational, social and mental support. These resources facilitate their capacities and skills that help visualize their life, to plan a successful future and thus being able to provide better opportunities in the future. The programs teach that in order to make the right decisions to be successful they must complete their high school, evaluate their future career, learn to know themselves to manage emotional competencies and values, manage self-sustainability resources with the development of small businesses and seek personal health disciplines with physical activity and healthy eating.


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