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For Puerto Rico, our brothers and sisters need us.

Puerto Rico has been experiencing tremors during the past months. This seismic activity, particularly the powerful earthquake on January 7, has intensified recently, alarming Puerto Ricans. After this major earthquake, Puerto Rico declared a state of emergency. Many victims living in the affected regions along the southern coast of the island are currently sleeping outside in makeshift camps and shelters. There is significant damage to infrastructure that is preventing families from returning to their homes, and businesses from serving their communities. Power outages and potable water scarcity is also an issue in the affected regions.

United Way of Puerto Rico is no stranger to dealing with disasters and crisis, locally and abroad. It has dealt and supported local tragedies such as hurricanes Hugo, Irma, María and Georges, the terrain shift at Mameyes, and several floods; while abroad we have aided the Bahamas after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian and Haiti after their earthquake.

  • UWPR is again stepping up to support our Island relief and reconstruction needs.
  • We feel we can best aid our community through fundraising and similar efforts.
  • UWPR has created an Earthquake Relief Program for Puerto Rico to ensure emergency resources are gathered and channeled where they are needed the most. Together with partners such as the American Red Cross-Puerto Rico Chapter, our affiliated non-profit organizations and other NGO allies, United Way of Puerto Rico will work closely with the community to assess and address immediate challenges and needs.
  • UWPR’s active involvement in relief and recovery efforts is consistent with our community impact agenda.



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